Fair Knight

The Traveler, most likely in the sellers shop.

The TravelerEdit

I'm going into battle, and I need your strongest potions- Traveler.

The traveler (Also known as the Fair Knight) is a knight of unknown origin. His only known appearance is within the Potion Seller's shop in “Potion Seller”. There, he can be found attempting to acquire some potions for use in “The Battle ”.


Not much is known of the traveler's motives. We know he is a warrior, and appears to show no reluctance when speaking of "The Battle", showing that he most likely chose to enter it of his own free will.

The traveler does not appear to have much prior combat experience, as he is considered weak by the seller, and told to go find "The seller of weaker potions ". While it is highly debated if the Seller is trustworthy source, it is generally agreed upon that the seller gains nothing from fabricating this fact, and is considered canon.